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Olivia Schirmer Religious Art Collection

Say hello to the newest member of the BFF family: Olivia Schirmer

As a nineteen year old young church missionary, Olivia first discovered her passion for art when she drew a picture of Christ on the back of an old letter and sent it home to her mom. Years of experimenting with pencil and paper and then oils (combined with the addition of two toddlers in her home who loved to “help” paint) led to her current medium of choice: the iPad and Apple pencil. 

Olivia’s primary muse is a hope that her art inspires others to come closer to Christ. Motherhood, loving relationships and nature all help her to find the joy that she strives to convey through her simple depictions of spiritual stories and life experiences.

Today Olivia, her husband, and their two very active preschoolers are happily living in Austin, Texas.

You can follow Olivia on Instagram here!
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