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Jillian Darville Art Collection

A collection of watercolor collages by artist Jillian Darville.

Jillian started painting professionally after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Art in 2016. She paints custom artwork, live wedding paintings, and her favorite- prints! She enjoys creating print series like this one as a fun creative project of her own design and gets to work with her best friend, Caroline, who is a graphic designer. 

Jillian has a passion for the role that artwork plays in the home and interior design. She believes that your environment can have a huge impact on your life and that artwork plays a big role in your surroundings. This collection of prints was hand painted in watercolor. The title of each print is written in a minimalist, modern font and each item is labeled with a dainty cursive script. You can see the transparent layers of watercolor and a great amount of detail, making each piece of artwork captivating to look at. While very detailed, the series has a whimsical and playful feel, making it the perfect spot of joy in your home.

You can find Jillian’s original artwork at

And you can follow her on Instagram HERE!

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